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Therapeutic Attitude

It would be foolish for me to advertise, with shoddy writing, something that according to the generous endorsement it has received is written well. But I do hope to attract feedback.

‘Andrew West writes a personal account of being a child and adolescent psychiatrist. In a brilliant conversation with the reader he goes “between the lines” to give a unique view of the expectations, pressures, obstacles and satisfactions of therapeutic clinical work with young people and their families. This is no autobiography, but a series of engrossing narratives of real experiences in modern practice. Anyone working in the field of child and adolescent health, education or social services will come away inspired and refreshed by Andrew’s candour, his ironic humour and superb writing.’
– Dr Sebastian Kraemer, Honorary Consultant, Tavistock Clinic

I shall direct you to Karnac Books where you can get a better idea of this title and order…

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